Quality Assured Services

Quality Assured Services

Here at Forensic Partners Ltd we fully understand the impact our work can have on successfully prosecuting or defending individuals, and the implications of inaccurate, incomplete or late delivery.

Our investigative or evidential service delivers incisive, accurate analysis of digital and mobile device evidence clearly presented in quality assured reports. 

Forensic Partners are BSI accredited
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BSI certification to ISO9001:2015, Quality Management Standard, is a clear demonstration of our commitment to delivering a first-class service that will stand the test of challenge and cross-examination.

Our expert witnesses collectively have over 50 years’ experience in mobile telecommunications and have been instrumental in developing cell-site analysis as an analytical and evidential tool in criminal cases.

From your initial enquiry through to delivery of our report you can be assured that every stage is fully project managed by one of our dedicated expert witnesses and executed in accordance with our documented business processes which ensures consistency in approach, data integrity and absolute accuracy.

Every report is thoroughly peer-reviewed prior to delivery by your preferred secure method, and most critically, on-time.

Business processes are subject to regular internal audits by an external third-party, in addition to regular BSI Quality Assurance surveillance audits.

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